March 15, 2021

Benefits of Therapy for Men

Modern society is growing in its awareness of how important emotional well-being is to everyone, and mental health for men is especially pronounced. Many men feel they should be strong and emotionally tough; they feel if they seek therapy they will seem and feel weak.  Thus, therapy for men happens at far lower rates than women's therapy, but therapy for men does carry tremendous benefits for those that do it.

Why Should Men Seek Therapy?

Men account for half the population but only one-third of all clients in therapy. This is probably something that should change, considering how a third of all men will go through depression at least once in their life. Men who seek therapy see tremendous benefits in both their emotional life and relationship health.

Finding Solutions

While it's dangerous to stereotype an entire gender, many men pride themselves on being problem solvers. However, life can throw things at them that might be outside their range of abilities. A workshop or YouTube video might help them through a home-improvement project, but if they're tired of fighting with their wife, they might need a mental health professional to find their way out of a negative situation.

Increased Awareness

Men who work with professional therapists enjoy increased awareness of their complex thoughts, emotions and feelings. Many male clients initially wonder why insight into such things is important, but soon realize increased awareness about these matters helps them figure out what stresses them or makes them angry and unhappy. Happiness, less stress and inner peace are more possible as a result.

Finding Answers

Men frequently have questions they want answers to, but may not feel comfortable asking anyone they know. For that matter, they might not even know who to ask. Therapy is a safe and confidential space to ask what's on their mind without fear of judgement or negative feedback.

Work Stress 

Men working for a living might spend just as much time on the job as at home. In fact, in many cases, it can be more so. Just several months of therapy can dramatically improve an employee's self-confidence and job satisfaction. Their job performance often goes up, and it stays above average for several years.

Coping Tools

Not all children and young adults are taught coping skills, and even the ones that are might be taught methods that are not particularly healthy or effective. Modern men still need coping tools, perhaps more than ever. Professional therapists can help adult males cope with their stress, and sometimes just being able to relieve stress gives one the ability to more calmly work through these issues.


Sexuality and gender identity are really important to a lot of people, and it's a constantly shifting landscape at the societal level. Even young men might have seen their ideas of masculinity change since their adolescence and childhood, be it societal changes or just changes in their own beliefs. Through effective therapy, many men find their own version of masculinity that helps them enjoy healthier and more productive lives.


Life is like a team sport that is easier when done in collaboration with others who want to see you succeed. Granted, therapy for males goes way past sports psychology, and not all men are even avid sports fans or see themselves as athletes. Still, it helps to have a coach of sorts who can direct someone in life towards what helps them get better. A qualified therapist can be that coach, guiding you to be your best self. 

Their Sex Lives

A poor sex life can ruin a relationship with any romantic partner, and it can quickly lower someone's self-esteem and personal confidence along with it. Depression, stress and anxiety can effectively kill the mood in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction medications can do a lot, but they work better in conjunction with therapy.

Someone to Confide In

Everyone has thoughts they don't necessarily like. And talking about them, even if just once, is sometimes the only way to free them from a person's mind. A therapist is a trusted confidant men can use to share their inner struggles with outside of their family, friends and coworkers. This is a place where judgement and negative repercussions can be left at the door.

Life Roles 

Men play many different roles in contemporary culture. While they might start off as sons and possibly brothers, many eventually become employees, husbands and fathers. Every time a man sets foot into a new role, it's something brand new and challenging to him. Therapy can help him settle into these new normal situations in life with ease and confidence.

Results Can Happen

Men don't need to be depressed, stressed out or even suicidal to undergo therapy. Just being stuck in a rut in life is bad enough. Any adult male that simply wants to get unstuck and move ahead with their life can benefit from therapy. Just three or four months with the right professional can start yielding results that might have seemed lacking or downright impossible in recent times. So, no matter what your struggle or need, a therapist can help with almost any aspect of your life. 

Where Can a Man Start?

A conversation with their personal doctor or physician is always a good starting point in finding therapeutic options. Another place to check is national mental health hotlines, and anyone who has full medical coverage through their health insurance might have benefits they can explore. Available therapists can range from psychiatrists to social workers, with many levels of professional help in between. Each has its own benefits and costs associated with them, but insurance coverage makes mental health an option for more people than is widely known.

In Summary

Men's therapy is something that can help males with a lot of things in life that they never figured out on their own or may not have been taught how to deal with. Therapy for men doesn't quite carry the stigma that it once did. Hopefully, as more men learn the benefits of therapy, mental health for men will be something society does a better job of caring about. Which can only benefit future generations of men, fathers and sons.